Our new friend Kathryn Boughton from the Litchfield County Times visited the store in late June 2011 and met with John Koch. Ms. Boughton, all of us at SCOTT & BOWNE thank you for the wonderful article you wrote about us in LCT magazine. After a full walk through the store, They continued the interview over lunch. John shared his many stories as he grew his business and reputation in New York’s Antiques and estate world. The story explains how he was able to pursue opening his dream store, SCOTT & BOWNE to showcase his personal taste and eye for the rare and unique, all while continuing to run his original thriving New York antiques and estate business for which he earned his reputation.

Click Here to read the full Scott & Bowne article in June 2011‘s LCT Monthly

The Summer 2011 edition of Edible Nutmeg included a wonderful Interview with our artist George Wittman, Farmer Megan Haney of Marble Valley Farm and Bill Arnold of the Kent Land Trust. Many thanks to Robert Lockhart for such a lovely piece. George Wittman’s  Beets on the cover and interview begins on page ten. Click Here


Jan. 21, 2016

New York One visits our New York Store John Koch Antiques and talks to Kevin in a story on businesses in New York.

Nov. 22, 2015

Great Big Story talks to John and Kevin about where Hollywood shops in this profile of our New York store. 

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