John Koch, Proprietor and Creative Director

John Koch sees SCOTT & BOWNE in Kent as the perfect opportunity as the curator to present a more focused, and forward-looking vision of the ideal interior. His personally edited collection of fine art and furnishings at SCOTT & BOWNE includes a wide variety of items, some considered the finest examples of their period, other chosen for their innate design and technique. The concept of showing antique, vintage and contemporary art and furniture is now reported as a trend. This concept is not a new direction for John Koch. His eye for selecting and arranging a fascinating high end piece or an unusual object, whether new or old is a primary reason his work has been singled out by most of the major shelter magazines for nearly thirty years.

John Koch has been mining estates for his business for almost thirty years. The trend of featuring art and home furnishings together is growing. John Koch appeals to the current zeitgeist while presenting an alternative to the single note high-end art and antique store. John Koch often says, “we live with both modes of décor at home and at work, why not present a wonderfully natural, yet edited selection and show them together, as they ultimately reside in our homes.” At Scott and Bowne, John Koch endeavors to inspire and motivate clients to decorate their residences with accouterments that resonate on a personal level - the hallmark of masterful interior design.

At SCOTT & BOWNE, John Koch wants every piece on the floor to epitomize the quality of its manufacture, aesthetic and intrinsic appeal, evidenced by superior materials and consummate design. SCOTT & BOWNE clients have already become used to seeing furniture possessing the provenance worthy of a museum next to a beautiful architectural artifact or industrial iron tool, for example. As the Litchfield County Times stated, the sum of this assemblage of art and furnishings coalesces into what John Koch refers to as the "new eclecticism". 

In 1983, SCOTT and BOWNE, llc founder John Koch began dealing antiques, art and estate furnishings out of his first retail loft space in New York City’s West Chelsea. John Koch Antiques, and soon became a primary wholesale source for decorators, dealers and entertainment industry set and creative directors. New York Magazine proclaims John Koch’s style of presentation “Hip without the Hype”, GOTHAM magazine awarded him Best Treasure Trove and called his store, “a big, big, secret”. Famed production designer Santo Loquasto described John Koch’s establishment in Architectural Digest as “my favorite place to shop”.

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